Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its been awhile

Im sorry i have not blogged in awhile. I am not known to keep things like this going. I have put the jewelry making on hold because of the hard times with money, im still selling but nothing is being sold. Every one has bills and every thing else to pay, so do I. I have been going through hell with the endometriosis. The pain is worse, periods are worse and my hope is fading. I lost my insurance when i turned 19, so i am no longer on any treatment. Things are tough right now. I would say more but i really doubt any one wants to read what every other women with endometriosis goes through. Its all the same: Pain, infertility, depression, sorrow, anger, hate, more pain... etc. Anyways please stop by the online store and take a look around. So far $96 has been donated, we only need $4 more to make the total of $100.

Later every one. I wish you the best. To my endo sisters, i wish you many pain free days.