Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Its been awhile

Im sorry i have not blogged in awhile. I am not known to keep things like this going. I have put the jewelry making on hold because of the hard times with money, im still selling but nothing is being sold. Every one has bills and every thing else to pay, so do I. I have been going through hell with the endometriosis. The pain is worse, periods are worse and my hope is fading. I lost my insurance when i turned 19, so i am no longer on any treatment. Things are tough right now. I would say more but i really doubt any one wants to read what every other women with endometriosis goes through. Its all the same: Pain, infertility, depression, sorrow, anger, hate, more pain... etc. Anyways please stop by the online store and take a look around. So far $96 has been donated, we only need $4 more to make the total of $100.

Later every one. I wish you the best. To my endo sisters, i wish you many pain free days.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Updates from my website

Here is my website http://osljewelry.webs.com/

Aug 2nd, 2009
I have made a new page! T.O.T.W.! Theme Of The Week. Each week i will feature a new theme. I will list 16 items of that theme (only 2 from each shop at most). Some times i will list the definition. Some times it will be a series of themes for a few weeks. On the themes page you can add a theme using the comment box (that's really a shout out box, don't ask). If you are from Etsy please list your name as you shop, or include your shop in the comment, so i can find you for in case if you have items of a certain theme. Every Wednesday i will look for items for the next them. For other updates, our first S.O.T.W is listed. If you have any questions about the T.O.T.W or S.O.T.W click here. Laters
Aug 1st, 2009
I just wanted to make a little update. Our Silver Lining, will NOT be making any more items until we can get some items sold. Over at Firefly Dreams, every thing is under $15, all of the money will go to OSL for supplies. So, basically we have no more supplies, which means i have been bored out of my mind. So go on and stop by Firefly Dreams and help us out. Thanks! Laters
July 31th, 2009
Our first S.O.T.W. will be listed Sunday night. Keep a look out. I also added a new link to a petition, its in the link sections. I posted a new blog today, i think i got a little to made. Its about people not listening to us endo sufferers. I also posted new pics, you can but the items at oursilverlining.etsy.com . FireflyDreams.etsy.com is having a close out sell every thing but one item is under $15. All profits go to OSL to buy supplies. So check it out. Dont for get to come back sunday to see the S.O.T.W. Laters
July 28th, 2009
First update on the update page. As you can see i have added a few new pages: FAQs, Polls, S.O.T.W, OSL Advertisers and this page. Also just a few days ago OSL's fan page finally reached 100 fans so we now have our very own URL: www.Facebook.com/OSLJewelry. I have also listed new pics for new items. You can buy them at OSL's Etsy shop. Some items for sell are not for donations. So enjoy the new pages they will be worked on for a bit so dont worry if some pages have nothing on them. Thanks every one. Laters

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just take the time to read. Its the truth that many others live.

This is my story
In 2005, i was only 14. I was tired of having a period since i never knew when i would start, it was never regular. I decided to try the Depot-provara. The first month was fine. The next month things got worse. I felt like i was dieing. I was so scared. I went to a doctor at South uni here in Mobile. She didnt think any thing was wrong, a nurse that was there mentioned a very odd word, "endo", the doctor replied that it was impossible because only women in their 40's can have endo. She started asking me questions like "Have you or any one you know been sexually abused?", I couldnt believe it. Nothing has every happened to me like that. I was so mad. I left that doctors office and i have not been back since.

I tried toughing it out for another month, then i went to a womens & childrens clinic on springhill. My doctor like normal was not there, ( i swear it seems like she has popped out 20 babies, she is always gone because she is pregnant), so i saw a nurse. She did the exam, took a swap, and she never said any thing, but every thing was fine. She sat the swap on a tray next to me, walked out. Later her and another nurse walked in, they had 2 syringes. They made me sit on the table with my pants down a little to inject the shots in to my tights. I kept asking what was wrong, what are the shots for. She never told me she just said that i will be better soon, the shots will help me get better. She kept blowing my questions of, never answering them. I know she never sent my swap to the lab since it was next to me still. She gave me a prescription to get filled. Once i picked it up i read the info on it and it was for an STD. I remember being so sick and in so much pain.

After a few weeks my original symptoms never went away. I say another doctor, went through more crap. I finally found a doctor they knew just by my symptoms what i had. But what i didnt know what that word "endometeiosis" was going to be my nightmare. Once he told me i would have to have surgery, i broke down inside. When i was younger i never had surgery, never went to the ER, never had stitches, and never been in the hospital for my self. I did go to the doctor alot growing up, i was always sick, never knew why. After my surgery i thought thinks would be better. Turns out it was just beginning.

Since i was and am always in pain i could never really go to school, i had to drop out. After a little while i lost my friends since i couldnt hang out much. I am only left with a few friends now. I know this disease has robbed me of my teenage life. I never went to high school, never been to a dance at my school, and never went to prom. I had 2 boy friends i lost them too because of the endo. I have been single for 3 years now. Only one of my friends comes to see me. I have lost every thing people enjoy looking back on. I will grow up with only bad memories. I didint see this happening when i was growing up.

Even worse i have been told i have less then a year to have kids, or i wont be able to. I am still left in pain daily. I am not able to work, my only income is my jewelry, but i dont make much. I am happy with making enough money to donate to the ERC, to help with research for endometriosis. I know there will never be a cure while im still alive but i just want there to be a cure. I want millions of women to stop suffering. I want things to change. Life is not suppose to be this way. Now one deserves this.

I have watch the world live their life, happy, healthy, safe, and most of all painfree. I see teens having fun with their friends. I have seen lovers who have never thought things would ever change. I have even seen many take advantage of what they are given. There are people who think the worst thing that couls happen to them is their mom and dad will take their iPod away. There are so many people who die and never see the suffering. I dont understand how people can care about senseless stuff like perfect their eyeliner is, but they wont care about women who have lost so much to a screwed up disease. I know i will never be like every one else in this world. This world will be hell for me, nothing more. I dont know what our creator's plan was for me, maybe im just a game, see how much a women can be pushed to the edge with out falling. I cant take much more. I would say, "things couldnt get worse.", but i know thats a lie. It will keep getting worse. And i cant stop it.

Only millions of people can change this. But even if it was changed we would still be left with the memory of living life in pain and on edge. My story is noting compared to others. There are worse, more horrible, sad stories. You just have to open your mind to find them and listen, maybe then we will get the help we deserve.

--Gina Williams 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Haggle time!!

ONE DAY ONLY Ends at midnight
Go to OurSilverLining.etsy.com find an item you want to buy. Pick a price that you will pay and email me the link for the item and the price you picked at OSLJewelry@aol.com . If i like your price for that item you can buy it for that price, if i dont like your price we will haggle. You can pick more then one item to haggle over. The prices have NOT been changed just for the haggles. They are the same prices as they were last week. So check out the items. You can also haggle over items at Fireflydreams.etsy.com just email me for Firefly Dreams.

So lets start haggling.

Friday, July 10, 2009

This is from one of my Endo Sisters. Please sign the petiton. thanks

I have signed, we need 10,000 signatures. Please sign.

Please help ME by signing this petition to get Endometriosis on Oprah.
This is not a hoax or a standard email forward. I am sending this to you because I have this disease and it is taking over my life. At 30 years old I have been in pain every single day and I just had my 6th surgery since being diagnosed with Endometriosis on February 5th, 2008.
I'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to click the link below and sign this petition. It will only take 1 minute of your time. Every day millions of women struggle with this disease, either with constant chronic pelvic pain, infertility, or both. It effects more woman than breast cancer but most people don't talk about it. Chances are you know someone with this disease (like me) and you may not even know it.
There's only 200 signatures and 10,000 are needed. Since this is a woman's only disease it does not get the attention it should. We need help spreading awareness in hopes to someday find a cause and a cure to this life long debilitating disease. Your help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. It's extra appreciated if you can help me spread the word. Please forward this email to others you believe would be willing to help me out.
Thanks so much

Danielle McDowell

Our Silver Lining - Home

I just created this website. Im still working on it but tell me what you think.

Our Silver Lining - Home

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Not as easy as i thought.

I'm still trying to reach the $100 goal, only $65 has been donated, all we need is $35. It doesn't seem like much to raise, but it really is. Sells are low, i don't know how to bring them up. Im just hoping this idea for Endometriosis awareness jewelry wont back fire on me, i don't want to walk in to this thinking i can do this and help change many life of Endometriosis sufferers and then walk out knowing i have failed. I have been putting in all my time and what little money i did have trying to get every thing started. I have made i promise that i wont buy any more supplies until i make a sell. I was thinking months ago when i set up my Etsy account that i would make a lot of sales and make a lot of donations, well its not as easy as i thought it would be. I have failed in a lot of things in my life, i really don't want this to be one of those things. A few weeks ago i reached the $50 goal, only $15 was from orders, a $50 was given to me by my dad to donate. That is how $65 is now the total. i already feel like I'm failing.

The reason i have wrote this blog, is so people can understand how much this means to me, I'm not doing to to make more sells, I'm doing to be seen and to have millions of voices heard. We need the help. I know many women with this disease has claimed there own life because they couldn't take the pain any more, and many more women have died from an accidental overdose trying to erase the pain. I have even heard about a girl having such a hard time with Endometriosis that she is laying in the hospital with a feeding tube because she can no longer eat on her own. this is such a horrible disease, but no one wants to see it that way. We cant hide for ever. I am one of many trying to have out cries heard.

You don't have to buy any thing just help spread the word. Here is a link to find out more about Endometriosis: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endometriosis

Thank you for listening to this one voice.