Monday, July 6, 2009


Here is a code to get 25% off. I think i mentioned this code when i was talking about the extended sale. the sale is the same as last weeks. free shipping, free gift, and a discount card. the discount card is good to use until i change the code, every one will find the code in a new note, the code will out last the sale. All you have to do is during check out enter the code, this code is some what like a rebate. I will refund your money once i review your order. Also if you want you can make the 25% off go towards donation. All you have to do for to have it donated is enter the code then say you want it donated. you will not receive the money from the code it will be donated. Or if you want you can get have and donate half by saying 1/2 & 1/2 . This code is only good for item orders, which means if you also bought a donation the code will not cover it it will cove every thing else but the donation. so here is the code: BLOGSPOT .if you have any questions contact me here or at

thanks Gina

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